Is it possible to avoid the lines to enter Vatican museums and archaeological sites?
Yes, it is possible buying tickets on line.

Are there special "rules" for entering in Vatican City?
You have to dress properly (no bare shoulders, no mini-skirts, no shorts for women and men). You cannot carry big bags, backpacks, pocket knives or glass bottles.

Do we meet you at the hotel or where the tour starts?
If the hotel is downtown I will come there, otherwise I will arrange a place to meet you.

We have been in Rome several times; can we request other tour sites from those you suggest?
Sure, we can arrange alternative tours throughout the city and the province of Rome with private transportation.

If we would like to have a break for lunch-time, is that time charged in your rate?
No, a break of a maximum an hour is not charged

I have a little time: how can I have a general orientation of your city?
In case of a short stay, I will suggest a panoramic tour with a private car (limousine) or minivan.

In our party there are some people with disabilities, traveling with wheelchairs. Can they follow any of your tours?
Yes, usually they can, except for the tours of subterranean Rome like St. Clement church and the catacombs.

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