Two itineraries that leave us suspended between history and archaeology, beauty and nature. From the entrails of Palatine, where the Emperor Caligula was killed by his own praetorians, to the Colosseum, theatre of the gladiators' fights. From the spot of the foundation of Rome to the Forum built by Julius Caesar as an extension of the Republican Forum, to the symbol of the Greatness of Rome - the Trajan's Column. Ten centuries of Roman history…
Republican Forum, Palatine, Colosseum.
Ludus Magnus, Valley of the Colosseum, Imperial Forums, Trajan's Column

Republican Forum,
Palatino, Coliseum

Our tour starts in the valley of the Colosseum among three of the Seven Hills of Rome – Palatino, Celio and Esquilino. After visiting the interior of the Colosseum, we continue our tour in search of the archaeological remains of the Roman Forum, wherefrom the Palatino and the Campidoglio can be seen.
We keep going throughout history recalling the events which have marked this place, completing our tour in the large Piazza Venezia where at the end of 19th century the imposing Vittoriano, monument to king Vittorio Emanuele II was built…
Ludus Magnus,
Valley of the Colosseum,
Imperial Forums,
Trajan's Column

We are now between the Colle Oppio, the southern spur of the Esquilino and the Celio hill, in the valley where the gladiators school (Ludus Magnus) occupied an extended area. It is exactly here that the gladiators lived and trained to be ready for the fights inside the adjacent Colosseum. We start from here our tour of Ancient Rome, the promenade takes place through the ruins of the imperial town where we shall be able to admire the architectural wonders realized by the various emperors from the 1st century AD on. We enjoy a panoramic view on the Imperial Forums to then get closer to the Trajan's Column built by Apollodoro of Damascus…
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